Sectional Contoured Matrices kit

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The kit contains:

  1. one piece of medical forceps,
  2. 3 PCS of Sticky Sticks,
  3. 150PCS of Ordinary matrix bands (L/M/S each size is 50PCS),
  4. 60 PCS of subgingival matrix bands (L/M/S each size is 20 PCS),
  5. 20 PCS of resin matrix bands (L/S each size is 10PCS)
  6. 6 PCS of clamping rings,
  7. 20 PCS of clearance wedge with holes,
  8. 20 PCS of wooden wedge 20 pcs
  9. 20 PCS of software clearance wedges with four types,
  10. 6 PCS of silicon matrix clip

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